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You’re Not Broken by Gemma Hart

Author By : Gemma Hart,
Genres : 2015 Adult Novels
Publisher : Amazon Digital Services,
Pages : 565
Chapters :
Publish Date : December 26, 2015
File Type : epub,mobi,lrf,lit,htmlz,pdb,azw
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is really great novel with the breath-taking stuff in it as it is love story of two characters that are really spunk and have zest for life named as Jason and Kat.

Jason is in military and Kat works in a bar. Both met each other one night at uncle’s home went for date and collect so much memories of their first sight love. But when the Jason went for his job to overseas Kat expects a write from him as revert for her each write to him but all in vain. As few times Jason took it but later he just stops writing.

Even the writes of Kat could not melt him then she took decision to root out her one night love from her life. She tried hard to survive and putt her efforts and emotions for the sake of her life

After two years the history repeats itself and the one night love of Kat again knocks her door when she has bolt it. Jason came to her after losing his job but at that time she did not want to hurt her again so try to keep her on the other end of the rope even Kat also keep arms distance as she was travelling from the hardships of life.

But their fate took them back in front of each other and imposes them to relize that they are not broken and that one night loves story took forward turn for life ahead.