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What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons

Author By : Zinzi Clemmons,
Publisher : Viking,
ISBN-10 : 0735221715
Pages : 224 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : July 11, 2017
File Type : PDF Ebook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

A sparrow of fragments joined to deliver a memoir that will tear your heart into pieces; “What We Lose” is a real life moving story. It’s a Vintage in the beginning, but as life reveals its true package for her, Thandi is tested to either give up, give in or persist to see what the future holds.

She unravels the immense feeling of being an outcast everywhere she steps her feet. Thandi explains that she may be an American, but that seems not applicable to her. She grew up in Pennsylvania, a girl raised to hold a flourishing beauty by her single mother.

When the tragedy happened, ‘loss of her mother due to cancer’ Thandi’s world was torn apart, leaving her helpless with no shoulder to lean on. She recalls trying to gather the broken pieces of her life while she encounters different facts and fate in her life.

Thandi opens up about her struggles as a young lady caught between her African and American origin. The rare, haunting power of the novel depicts the extreme challenges of romance, family, culture, and sex.

Much as the novel focuses on Thandi’s life, it also narrates the immeasurable pain and grief that Thandi’s mother had to bear while battling with cancer. The fact that the best mother-daughter relationship was fading, this made life complicated and devastating. The yearnings of the last-minute desires of a dying mother and the partially alive daughter are all presented in What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons.