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What is IVF

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Quick Overview

This what is IVF ?of in vitro fertilization contains the full fledged knowledge about IVF  and its cycles. Although IVF is considered to be safe and best option for the fertility problems yet there are some factors and mysteries about it to be disclosed. This book has been written by including the own experience of the author for the IVF.

This guide is really helpful for the couples who are pondering for this method or undergoing. it explains about behind the scene aspects which come in front while the procedure. It includes the complete knowledge and guidance for the IVF cycle starting from the clinical visits to the birth of the baby.

Information has been provided accurately and in balanced manner for the step by step assistance of the couples who are facing psychological and emotional stress during this cycle.

It is complete guide cum companion for the patients who are facing fertility problems to have the depth knowledge about the procedure starting from extracting the eggs and integration of the embryos with the uterus.