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What a Life! – Stories of Amazing People

Author By : Milada Broukal,
Genres : 2001 Education
Publisher : Pearson Longman,
ISBN-10 : 0201619970
Pages : 124
Chapters :
Publish Date : September 7, 2001
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This great series of three in one books is really work like beacon light for others as it is collection of rare biographies of great personalities that not only contribute in the respective fields but also become source of inspiration and motivation for many.

It does not focus on the detailed biographies for the readers that becomes boring sometime and even does not include the amazing facts about the famous personalities however it includes the amazing facts about these personalities about which people are oblivion threaded in the short biographies.

It has raised 24 short biographies that are source of pleasure and motivation for the people with the multicultural approach. The included facts are so amazing that demonstrate the title of book what a life.

For the inspiration of the readers author has selected few outstanding figures that are quite motivating and interesting to explore starting from athletes, entertainers, humanities and even artists who became torch bearer for the people because of their thought and contributions to particular field and ultimately to the world.

Even along with the stories it includes the pre reading questions and vocabulary sections for the readers and some exercise along with the detailed explanation of the solutions.