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Visual Sociology

Author By : Douglas Harper,
Genres : 2012 Education
Publisher : Routledge,
ISBN-10 : 0415778956
Pages : 312
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 10, 2012
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Visual sociology is the part of sociological vocabulary yet need comprehensive explanation for the learners so the author has put light on this topic to explain it thoroughly. It shows that how the world is seen, drawn, photographed and can be represented visually and even draws the line between visual world and the world that is represented with the numbers and words.

Text has been organized with the exceptional photography and lively writing style that make it engaging for the readers so that they can know VS as embodied observation, visual sociology as the semiotics and as an approach to make data narrative, empirical and reflexive. Even the photo documentary aspect of VS has been focused along with the visual sociology and multimedia.

11 chapters with the depth information for the key topics of sociology are included along with the teaching and learning assistance and even explanations are made very clear and accessible for the latest perception in the field. It is complete and invaluable learning resource for the students who want to take insights in VS, research methods, cultural Geography and theory and visual anthropology.