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University Physics with Modern Physics (14th edition)

Author By : Hugh D. Young and Roger A. Freedman,
Genres : Physics
Publisher : Addison-Wesley,
ISBN-10 : 0321973615
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 9, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

With this edition, the University Physics grows further with the best ideas taken from the educational analysis with better guidelines to solve the problem, understanding the visual and conceptual pedagogy, systematically improved problems and the best used online learning system across the world.

What you will find in this book are:
In every chapter there are bridging problems that state a conversion between the single- concept examples and tough problems. This bridge creates a tough and multiconcept question that need to remember the concepts from the older chapters.

The strategies are included for all types of examples and problems for clarity of students.
The chapters in the modern physics are widely revised to give a comprehensive idea of what needs your attention and what is historical.
You will find many video tutoring content featuring pause and predict to show the major concepts of physics and include assessment as well when the students show a growth in understanding. The worked examples also include solution in a video tutorial that will allow you to enhance your problem solving skill, showing an assistance of a virtual teacher during your class at any time. So take your study to the next level now.