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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

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Genres : 2017 Fiction Other
ISBN-10 : 0525555366
Pages : 288 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : October 10th 2017
File Type : PDF Ebook
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Quick Overview

The teenagers are on a mission. Aza, a typical teenager is coaxed by her best friend to accompany her on a mission to solve the mystery of Russell Picket. Though Aza didn’t think it would happen in her wildest dreams, she has to give in to Daisy’s endless coercion and the two set out on a venture that could yield them prize money of hundred thousand dollars. The amount would be enough to fuel the wild dreams and fantasies which every teenager sees. What they seem to have forgotten is that though the concerned location is well within their reach, the divide is still broad as they differ from Davis(Pickett’s son)on many planes-social and financial. Aza tries her best to be a good detective and tags along with Daisy wherever she goes. Read the book to find the course which the story takes and whether they are able to get to the bottom of the case. Are they able to strike the potluck money which they have only dreamed of? The book is a rare combination of suspense and drama. World of writers with works like ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ and ‘Looking for Alaska’.