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Thick Rick: Pornstar Romance

Author By : Elliott Kane and Davida Lynn,
Genres : 2016 Adult Novels
Publisher : Amazon Digital Services,
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 15, 2016
File Type : epub,mobi,lrf,lit,htmlz,pdb,azw
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is the unique concept in front of the readers which features out the romance of Rick and Berth. Berth is a journalist who really worked hard for her survival in the field so she just decided to leave her hometown to get settled so this story is one interesting part of her life .After shifting from Portland to LA she got project from Maureen related to porn industry which put her in dilemma but this project turned her life.

After getting encouragement from Maureen she took this project desperately but initially she found porn industry like a hell for her as she used to feel really awkward while taking the interviews of these stars. Even being much qualified she had to meet the persons for whom even to count up to 25 was hardcore.

But one interesting part which fetches the readers’ attention is her oblivion attraction toward the Rick who was the rocking star of that hell industry. During her interview session with him however she used to show her prejudice to him but the truth was bit different. She starts liking him and but not willing to be the toy of him and not willing to come in the consecutive series of 200. Even Rick also provoke her by arguing like if you are feeling awkward about  this industry then you are not suitable for this city. She just had prejudice in her mind that Rock is trying it like anything for sleeping with her. But she used to deny in herself that it would not be worth to lose her virginity because of a porn star.

So there is twist turn in the story about the love of virgin girl with the porn star who is named as <em>Thick Rick</em> in the porn industry.