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The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

Author By : Colleen McCullough,
Publisher : ,
ISBN-10 : 0380018179
Pages : 692 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 1, 1979
File Type : PDF Ebook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This is the most selling novel of the Australian writer.

Character 1:
This is the story of the main character Meggie. She is the 4 years old girl. She is the daughter of the Paddy, an Irish farm laborer. Meggie is the beautiful child with the red curly hairs. She has to struggle with her brothers. She is the only daughter in the large family of the sons.

Character 2: the second character of the story is Father Ralph de Bricassart. He is the meggi’s true love. He is the handsome guy and he is an Irish catholic priest.

Character 3: The third character of the story is Fiona “Fee” Armstrong Cleary .she is the Meggie’s mother. She is the most aristocratic woman.

There are large numbers of the characters in this story. Each and every character plays his role very beautifully.