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The Queen Mother: The Official Biography

Author By : William Shawcross,
Genres : 2010 Biographies
Publisher : Vintage,
ISBN-10 : 1400078342
Pages : 1168
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 16, 2010
File Type : Mobi
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is fitted tribute to Queen Elizabeth and her royalty. It is official biography of the Queen mother consort of King George and grandmother of Prince Charles and even beloved British monarch of the 20th century.


It has been written with the complete access to her letters and personal diaries. Her life span was from 4th August 1900 to   year 2002. Author has drawn vivid and detailed portrait of Queen.

In her young age she helped convalescing soldiers during the First World War and when her brother was abdicated then New York’s Duchess helped her reluctant husband. Even she refused to take refuge from the bombing London and took risk of her life with the courage.

.It is biography that not only revelatory but also explanatory about the history of Britain in 20th century.

.it depicts about the deeper and more interesting insights of the character that was forged by good sense and having great love for the country and even having instinct for what is right. It reflect about the sequential changes in the life of queen and the royal family of Britain who cast their shadow over the centuries and even it took us to the history of changing country.