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The Princeton Companion to Mathematics

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Genres : 2008 Mathematics
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ISBN-10 : 0691118809
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Quick Overview

This is ideal book for those that are desperate to learn mathematics. This book is collective efforts of 200 entries of world’s leading mathematicians. This book highlights the basic mathematical tools and vocabulary that trace the development of modern mathematics. It includes the essential terms and concepts and core ideas in the major areas of maths.
This book describes the achievements of the famous mathematics and explores the effect the maths on other disciplines like biology, finance and music. This book has the depth of coverage for the most active and essential and pure mathematics. It puts the light on the increase in the specialization of the field.
This book is framed in fully assessable style with the depth explanation for the concepts of mathematics. It works as beneficial resource of learning maths for undergraduate and graduates students even who are researchers and scholars.

Special features

  • It is written and thematically organised by an international team of distinct contributors
  • It highlights major areas and branches of pure mathematics in a clear text with complete associability for the students.
  • It consist various concepts, methods, theorems and problems of mathematics
  • It explains the language of mathematics and objectives of mathematical researches
  • It has complete coverage for number theory, algebra analysis logic probability geometry and many more other concepts
  • It also highlights history of origin of mathematics and development of modern mathematics
  • It highlights the impact of mathematics on other disciplines