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The Pirate Coast: Thomas Jefferson, The First Marines

Author By : Richard Zacks,
Genres : 2005 Audio Books
Publisher : Blackstone Audiobooks,
ISBN-10 : 0786179775
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 1, 2005
File Type : MP3
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This is novel which contains suspense, thrill and the epics of history. It has been written without tickling the accuracy of the truths of history and in engaging manner.

It covers the story of the time there was the rule of Barbary’s pirated trade all over the United States. They were engaged in this trade since 3 centuries. In an illicit manner and forcefully they used to hijack the ships and snatch the goods. During the robbery they even use to enslave the crew and passengers. They use to keep them in the prison till the amount of money is not paid for releasing.

This dreadful trend of centuries remained till the centuries as not any other country come in front to rescue. Then after the centuries’ distraction by the Barbary pirates here one courageous man took pledge to face them named William Eaton. He courageously fought and forces them to lead Libyan Desert. This novel is the story of the a real life thriller.