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The Long Hard Road Out of Hell by Marilyn Manson

Author By : Marilyn Manson,
Genres : 1999 Biographies
Publisher : ReganBooks,
ISBN-10 : 0060987464
Pages : 288
Chapters :
Publish Date : March 3, 1999
File Type :
Language :
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Quick Overview

It is revealing story about the world’s most controversial rock star named Marilyn Manson. In this autobiography he has highlighted his story  of conversion from coward Christen School boy into the most famous celebrity of America cunningly and vividly

He narrated about some of the epics of his bizarre childhood as his cross dressing grandfather, abusive neighbor even his brain washer and healer school teacher. His few of rock songs also populate about these characters of his childhood.

He expressed about the hardships of the road of his life from the hell up to the rock star. How he courageously moved from the backstage to jail cells and from the studio to the emergency rooms that all shaken his life. Even it describes about his reach to the peaks of the glory on the sake of humanity.

Even book has been made appealing with many photographs that were not published yet. It nails the journey of rock star from behind the scene to the peaks. Even he narrated about his loses which he bears for the protest and banning by the politicians , preaches and parents.

This story knocks the minds of people and lead to their confessions after reading that he has suffered and experienced beyond the thinking of others.