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The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

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ISBN-10 : B06Y5WRS2C
Pages : 435
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 6th, 2018
File Type : PDF eBook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

An Ex POW employee, called Ernt Allbright, is back home from a war which took place in a Vietnam (which is in South East Asia). Ernit now is quite changed, as he was earlier, he loses another job of his, along with that makes many hasty decisions. His family is forced to migrate to Alaska (the Northern West side of North America). Little does his family (wife and daughter) know that what waits for them, there? Will they live happily there, with friends and others around? Or, will they have to live in isolation? Well, to know what happens next, please, please, please, don’t just stop reading here.
She hopes for the best, she feels that maybe relocation will be best for all of them. She eagerly wishes to leave from here. On the other hand, her mother loves her father, till death, and can do / go to any place with him, she is so much in love with him, that even if he asks her to go to any place, she is unfamiliar with, she will go there, without giving any thoughts.
Initially, they all are very excited at the thought of going to a new place; All of them think that god has heard their prayers and is finally going to fulfill all their wishes. But, what happens next is for all of us, to see/ read.
A beautifully woven story, of the hardships between a family, It is indeed a beautiful piece of work penned by Kristin Hannah, I surely recommend everyone to please go and grab this one. It is surely going to change the way you look at life.