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The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science

Author By : J. Kenji López-Alt,
Genres : 2015 Cooking
Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company,
ISBN-10 : 0393081087
Pages : 938
Chapters :
Publish Date : September 21, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book is having out of box knowledge about cooking which really turns your kitchen into a food lab. It has focused on the recipes of the food but by applying some science in it which can not only improve you cooking skills but also the make the better homemade food.

Even the format of book is also reader friendly which will enhance your engaging. The book starts with the overview about the author and afterwards the whole book has been divided into the chapters according to the food type which enables the readers to have their favorite food at an easy access.

Breakfast chapter mainly focus on the eggs and tips for how to hard and soft boil to an egg, benefits of brown or white eggs along with the composition and properties of the eggs. in the later chapters how cook fast recipes have been include and the recipes for the soups. Desserts, crispier potatoes and salads have been included.

There is also one interesting chapter Roasts which is for poultry, lamb and pork even there are some instructions and tips have been included to cook good and healthy food.

Nevertheless the book ends with the useful information about the various equipments and the management for the pantry. The most appealing feature of the book is that in includes the recipes with more than 1000 colorful pictures which add to its advantages.