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The Firm by Robin A.H. Waterfield

Author By : ,
Publisher : Addison Wesley Publishing Company,
ISBN-10 : 0582418275
Pages : 75
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 15th 2000
File Type : PDF eBook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Ambition is what drives us. Especially, the younger generation is so ambitious that it is going to willingly sacrifice its moral values and ethics at the altar of their dreams. So, they are willing to pay the cost of their dreams-any cost. But sometimes things are the other way round. Read The Firm and you will know about the strange possibilities you might have to face when you finally find a venue to follow your dreams. The Firm is a book about Mitch McDeere which acquaints the reader. The intelligent newcomer walks into the office on his first day with stars in his eyes. He is finally at the threshold of starting his dream life. He is initiating his path to a strong financial background on which will depend his future lifestyle and the realization of his goals. But his world comes crashing down as he finds himself at the receiving end of a conspiracy. He soon discovers that all his movements and calls are being recorded. Even the FBI is targeting him as a potential criminal. He soon realizes that the money and power he aspires for will not be easy to come by it might even demand his life. The brutal truth which stares back at Mitch is shocking, horrifying and downright ugly. Read on to find if Mitch is able to walk out freely or buckles under the well-organized controversy.