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The Fiery Cross (Outlander #5) by Diana Gabaldon

Author By : Diana Gabaldon,
Publisher : Dell,
ISBN-10 : 0440221668
Pages : 1443
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 30th 2005
File Type : PDF eBook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The main person of Outlander, Claire, seen in Fiery Cross is a very cautious lady, married to Jamie Fraser, who is of 18th century, she is seen going through American Revolution, and how it affected her.

In the previous novel, Drums of Autumn, the ending was with Jamie Fraser and his better half Claire aiding their daughter and her husband, both from 20th century, to live a happy life. The author starts the story, from where it ended, Brianna and Roger about to get into wed lock along with purifying their son Jeremiah.


The one thing which I noticed about this book was the scientific things that were mentioned/ happening- someone would get sick, other one would be dead, operation going on, Claire also kept mentioning at one point or the other about her medical certificate, she got from Dr. Rawlings, We all have come to know by now, that she’s a healer, but the other novels didn’t have all this stuff, or I only noticed all of this.