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The Dreaming Reality by Noor Anand and Karan Kapoor

Author By : Noor Anand and Karan Kapoor,
Publisher : Noor Anand and Karan Kapoor,
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date :
File Type : PDF eBook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Prepare for fusion of fantasy, love, and destiny. The book is a romantic thriller of the love story between Ridhima and Rihansh. While Rihansh is just 16, Ridhima is 5 years older. They share much more than being a teacher and a student. Ridhima and Rihansh are madly in love with each other. Everything seems to be picture perfect but there is something bothering Ridhima no end. As fate would have it, Ridhima comes to know about a disease called Cullen Syndrome. It is characterized by the patient getting vivid dreams about the future. Ridhima slowly slips into conditions which indicate that she too might be a patient of the same. It might be just a figment of her imagination or maybe she is really seeing such occurrences. A phone call in the dream seems to be stating that her better half has died in a car crash. What remains unclear is what does Sara actually represent Ridhima? Is Rihanna’s life going to end with a car crash? Are the dreams going to prove true in the coming days? Is their blissful matrimony going to end with Rihanna’s death? Read the book for getting an answer to all these queries.