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The Biology of Cancer (2nd edition)

Author By : Robert A. Weinberg,
Genres : 2013 Biology
Publisher : Garland Science,
ISBN-10 : 0815342209
Pages : 876
Chapters :
Publish Date : May 18, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This 2nd edition has been completely updated with the information related to cancer biology. This text book aimed at students, instructors, clinicians and researches.

This book is framed for the undergraduate, graduate and medical school level students who are studying molecular and cellular basis of cancer. The principles of cancer biology has been included in depth and organized manner for the ease of the readers. Accessibility, accuracy and clarity of the text along with the extensive full color art program make this book engaging. The most appealing feature of the book is its presentation of key experiments that help reader to know about discovery and research along with the deep knowledge about the modern cancer biology.

Text is organized by dividing into 16 chapters on the basis of different concepts. This edition is updated with the advances in cancer biology in last 6 years. Readers may access the information related to biology and genetics of cells and organisms, nature of cancer, tumor viruses, cellular oncogenes along with the cytoplasm signaling circuitry programs and tumor suppressor genes.

Even updated information is also included for the topics like invasion and metastasis, Greatly expanded treatment of traditional therapy, Mutation of cancer cell genomes, MicroRNA involvement, Epigenetic contributions  and even The Warburg effect

It is a useful reference book for readers that are dealing in biomedical laboratories and for clinical professionals.