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The Art of Asking: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help

Author By : Amanda Palmer,
Genres : 2014 Biographies
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing,
ISBN-10 : 1455533777
Pages : 352
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 11, 2014
File Type : Epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This groundbreaking book stuff included in it that will definitely inspires you and force you to reframe your ideas about art of asking.

Rock star Ted speaker Amanda has revealed about her own experience and about her journey to become song writer and musician. She claim herself well aware about the art off asking as while performing in the street shows she struggled and used to ask wordlessly from the people about the dollars. Even after becoming famous she did not hesitate to ask for the support from the audience. She released her first crowd funding album.

As she has nailed on the fact that being musician and performer it is not easy to ask for money from fans as much importance have been given to the relationships with fans. She was appreciated and criticized also for her art of asking for help. Even she shared few things about which they cannot ask as a wife, as a friend and as a musician.

In this fantastic book she explain about the importance of asking between relation that can prevent them from breaking along with her own experiences of life about the barriers for asking that actually paralyzed her life. Through this book she has hammered on the emotional, philosophical and even practical aspects of the Art of Asking.