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The Adventures of Colonel Daffodil by Roy Redgrave

Author By : Roy Redgrave,
Genres : 2007 Biographies
Publisher : Pen & Sword,
ISBN-10 : 1844155250
Pages : 202
Chapters :
Publish Date : March 5, 2007
File Type : Epub, Mobi
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book is about the life experiences of the Major General Sir Roy Redgrave who had born into life with the same background and well known actors. He was born and brought up in Romania as a member of international community.

Major General has enjoyed really beyond than usual life. He joined army and with his unusual talents and skills acquired higher rank.

After the success of previous book Balkan author has tried to thread the superb pot pourri of anecdotes with his family background , his career in army and after his retirement from the higher rank what he observe while travelling and experiences of life.

This book has a full coverage from the aristocratic life in the hometown to the dangers of the cold war. Even his encounters with the polar bears, seals and walruses while the cold war.

The book moves with the journey of man from the Kathmandu to the Lasha and during his sweet and sour experiences and details about his accommodations during the journey and his experiences about living with Tibetans whose in amiable nature made hindrance for his living.

This book has been threaded with the beautiful pearls of his life and experiences that make it fantastic read.