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Technical Communication, 7 edition

Author By : Paul V. Anderson,
Genres : 2010 Technical
Publisher : Cengage Learning,
ISBN-10 : 1428263934
Pages : 752
Chapters :
Publish Date : March 17, 2010
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is highly effective for improving writing and designing skills. This revised edition contains new chapters and innovative visual designs for grasping the technical communication with the graphics and illustrations.

It provide guidance for the writing both on paper and on screen. Technical communication concept has been introduced with the detailed information, process and structures. it has adopted reader oriented approach so along with the text there are also tutorials and checklists have been added.

.this book emphasizes on the writing for the work place and for the real life situations not academic writing. He has included writing strategies and the forms of writing on a work place thoroughly in it for the readers to make distinction between real and workplace writing.

Even book starts with the orientation of writing for the career which sustains the readability of book. even it has explained the 8 measures for having proficiency in technical writing for the ease of students even text has been embellished with the online quizzes and the resources that engage the students for prompt reading and writing.

It aimed its readership for not only the students but for everyone who wants to write in a professional manner with more efficiency and accuracy.