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Tainted Purity by Lorie O’Clare

Author By : Lorie O'Clare,
Genres : 2008 Adult Novels
Publisher : Ellora's Cave,
ISBN-10 : 1419951491
Pages : 194
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 21, 2008
File Type : azw3,epub,mobi,lit
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is fantastic novel which features out the feelings and the disputes inside of the girl when she turned to adult. The world of feelings that can make a girl tainted along with the powers which can turn her goddess.

One girl who is grown up as an orphanage embellishes her life with so many dreams of her wedding and love life. She dreamed of a man who actually makes her love and takes her to the world of love.

On the same time Bridget knocks the door of her heart and she just got mesmerized with his intimate love. Bridget is a man who works in her shop and sells handcrafts and do benediction for the orphanage home where she brought up.

She chooses him as her prince of her kingdom of her heart and her memories of isolation that she was having since her childhood got fade away. She just felt herself on seventh heaven with that mysterious man who shattered her loneliness with his unconditional love.

But as soon as she dipped into the lake of thoughts and dreams man of her dreams left her alone without getting married with her.

Again here comes a turning point of her life at that time she stepped out as a goddess who has unique and spiritual powers that help her in surviving in the world of rituals and ceremonies

So this novel integrates the eternal conflicts of girl and her story of bravery that help her to survive without participating in the ceremony of life mates.