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Tailspin Book by Sandra Brown

Author By : Sandra Brown,
Publisher : Grand Central Publishing,
ISBN-10 : B077Y6K5BT
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 7th 2018
File Type : PDF
Language :
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Quick Overview

Tailspin is the New York Times bestselling book by Author Sandra Brown is the perfect blend of suspense and romance along with the thriller of a reckless Pilot who gets caught in the race against time. The story of the book revolves around the Rye Mallett who is named as Freight dog and is pilot charged with flying cargo. This pilot often appears as rough-spoken and unshaven but still has the solid reputation.

Due to his commitment to his duty, he is asked to fly into the completely fogbound Northern Georgia town to deliver the Mysterious black box without asking any reason for the delivery.

Even there is also the entry of the woman doctor named Brynn who shows up at the crash site to claim the suspicious cargo. Hence the readers can enjoy the well-defined plot with well-defined characters with twists and turns in the battle of delivering a padlocked box containing the mysterious content. Thus it is the very engaging book for the readers who love to read the romance stuffed with suspense and thrill.