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The Swamp by Eric Bolling

Author By : Eric Bolling,
Genres : 2017
Publisher : ,
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Language : English
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Quick Overview

Since it is now in writing, “The Swamp” speaks a thousand words to the Americans regarding their state of affairs and the inner debt they have all failed to recognize. Where is America heading? In the critical era characterised by bullying, segregation, exploiting tax payers’ money, segregations, the rise of new politicians, new policies, hungry lions aren’t tamed, and so on.

The Swamp” goes ahead to tackle President Donald Trump’s election to power and how he emphasized America first! President Donal Trump made many promises and it is left to be seen how his promises come to pass.

Eric Bolling, who is also a Fox News Channel host clearly digs through the history of America, current state and also gives insight of the future. He concludes his book by giving a hint on President Donald Trump’s political motives and how he can help America generally