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Successful Interviewing and Recruitment (Creating Success)

Author By : Rob Yeung,
Genres : 2008 Management
Publisher : Kogan Page,
ISBN-10 : 0749451645
Pages : 160
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 28, 2008
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Interview is the key to open door of opportunities and even for the managers it is key to hire manpower for achieving their organizational goals so these interviews must be well structured as the ultimate objectives of organization rely on these. So this book focus on the concept of well structured interviews to ensure the selection of exceptional candidates that are having capability to add value to the business.

It train the managers for the questions to be asked or not to be asked while interview and even while playing fair game how you can challenge the candidates so that you can select only the best who want to work for you. So world proven techniques to put candidate at an ease are included in the book. Even through these techniques managers can construct competency questions so that they can distinguish between genuine and liars. Even for the practical tests this book provides guidance for appropriate designs so that you can measure actual capabilities of candidate. So for the adequate selection process of hiring the right at right place can become effective and result oriented with the help of this book.

It has full coverage for appropriate questions and strategies for the effective interview along with the corrective ways to start and wrap up the interview.