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Sniper Elite: One-Way Trip (Audiobook)

Author By : Scott McEwen,
Genres : 2013 Audio Books
Publisher : Simon & Schuster Audio,
ISBN-10 : 1442366087
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 4, 2013
File Type : Mp3
Language : English
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Quick Overview

The Sniper Elite is the wonderful novel threaded with the approach to engage its readers. It is like a saga of bravery of Gil Shannon who is Navy seal Sniper. The story starts with the video of one captive girl who has been raped by the Taliban’s leader. He made video of that brutal event happened with the female helicopter pilot and sent that video to the president of United States.

Initially president of US got scared as it was the time of election and that dreadful event was really threat for him. This botched rescue mission could spoil his election. But after that Taliban Leader demand for the ransom of $24 million dollars from the US government for her return.

For the sake of his election US president gave approval for that but he was opposed by other authorities as it could lead to increase in such kind of events in future. Then Government decided to attack on the area in which she was kept and then Gil Shannon was ordered for the same along with his companions and he fought like anything to let her free.