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Sexual Fitness- 7 Essential Elements to Optimizing Your Sensuality

Author By : Hank C. K. Wuh and Mei Mei Fox,
Genres : 2001 Adult Material
Publisher : Putnam Adult,
ISBN-10 : 0399147160
Pages : 320
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 29, 2001
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Sexual fitness: 7 essential elements to optimizing your sensuality Pdf download provide the effective information about how to control your health, pleasure and passion and how you can play active role in managing all these three. It focuses on the fact that ability of making sexually fit depends on the 7 sexual elements to achieve the more satisfying sexual life in the 30 days of sexual fitness program.

People have urged to improve their sex life but they are oblivion about the connection between the sex and health as if the health is good only then sex pleasure can be gained. Sexual relation is not only important for intimating the relationships but also for the sense of self esteem and over all well being.

This book has highlighted the seven essential factors that are sleep, stress reduction, diet, supplements, medications, sensual stimulation that has direct relation with the improvement of sexual health. This book guides about how combination of these 7 factors can increase the energy during sexual corse and restore the passion and pleasure.