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Seven Eves

Author By : Neal Stephenson,
Genres : 2015 Fiction Other
Publisher : William Morrow,
ISBN-10 :
Pages : 880
Chapters :
Publish Date : May 19, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language :
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Quick Overview

Neal Stephenson written a attempting novel on science and fiction that showcase the efforts made for the survival of human society after the apocalyptic events on Earth due to disintegration of moon.

After the eruption of catastrophic event, earth turn like ticking time bomb that sparked the devastating race for the survival against inevitable. Even with the ambitious plan for the survival of humanity and winning the feverish race, the unforeseen dangers did not get over from threaten the intrepid pioneers till the time when there were handful who got narrow escape.

After the disintegration of the moon in 7 seven pieces these started colliding with each other and five thousand year later seven different races were now became three billion strong started another audacious journey towards the alien world that was altered by cataclysm and time.

Theme of the novel is ground baking and exact mixture of science , philosophy, psychology, literature and of course technology to generate the magnificent work of predictions and speculative fiction that reflect the view of future that is beyond the imaginations and clutches of the ordinary senses. Neal has explored some biggest ground breaking ideas and perplexing challenges in this breath taking novel that is daring, engrossing and real epitome of intelligence.