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In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust

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Genres : 2003 Classics Fiction
Publisher : Modern Library,
ISBN-10 : 0812969642
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Publish Date : June 3rd 2003
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Language : English
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Quick Overview

In search of lost time can be translated as Remembrance of things past, is a novel divided into seven parts, by Marcel Proust, it is about the narrators own life, told as a moral search for truth. It is a very important work of French fiction of the 20th Century. The year is 1909 and it is the chilling winter season of January, Proust underwent the involuntary remembrance of a childhood memory, in which he tasted a rusk, with tea. He retired from the world to pin down his publication in July, whose first part of draft got completed in September 1912. Its first volume Du côté de chez Swann was not getting published, until 1913, November.  While doing that, he had transformed into one of the most insightful achievements of human’s.