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Scene Design and Stage Lighting (10th Ed)

Author By : R. Craig Wolf,
Genres : 2013 Photography
Publisher : Cengage Learning,
ISBN-10 : 1111344434
Pages : 672
Chapters :
Publish Date : March 26, 2013
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is the colorful book containing the professional knowledge in it. This revised edition is fully equipped with the up to date information about the professional concepts like Scenery, sound, lighting and technology. This book has been redesigned to mirror the world’s best practices.

There has been full coverage of recent electronic drawing systems CAD and sketchup  with more than 50% drafting samples which are newly added both hand and computer drafting. The text mainly focuses on the digital technology, modern equipment and the design techniques.

Appealing feature of the book is its comprehensiveness and readability for the learners  and the format of the text is divided into various chapters depending on the different concepts like design creation, scene design and theater space, visual art,digital age integration for both scenery and the lighting, stage lighting and the sound for theater.the chapters like theatrical use of media and the automation in the theater have been added newly for the students and professionals.