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Romeo and Juliet By William Shakespeare

Author By : William Shakespeare,
Genres : 2004 Romance
Publisher : Simon & Schuster,
ISBN-10 : 0743477111
Pages : 336 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : 1 January 2004
File Type : PDF Ebook
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This is the love story of two people who fall in love and die because of the love. Romeo and Juliet’s families are both against the love of the Romeo and Juliet. In this story, every time a member of the families dies. if Romeo is viewed with the Juliet, he will be killed. Once the Romeo was killed, then the Juliet will marry to some other person. But the destiny has written the different chapter for them. Both died in their love. In that time, it was the story of the young people. Today, this is also popular in all aged people.