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Revenge (The Keeper #2) by O.L. Ramos

Author By : O.L. Ramos,
Genres : 2013 Adult Novels
Publisher : Harrell Publishing,
Pages : 325 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 25, 2013
File Type : PDF Ebook
Language : English
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Elizabeth McBeth was leading his truthful life. There have been 10 years when her mother was expired. Then, Liz had finally found her mother. But her mother has totally changed but Liz was not ready to accept her. This is the beginning of the happier moments. Then the conspiracy has been revealed that Liz, Vincent, Mary and Michael were killed by the Vampire. They have not underestimated the Klien. Klien will kill the entire vampire species. The
Published August 25th, 2013 by Harrell Publishing