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Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education

Author By : Jane-Jane Lo,
Genres : 2014 Education
Publisher : Springer,
ISBN-10 : 3319025619
Pages : 320
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 12, 2014
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book enables the readers to know about the research trends in mathematics teacher which are becoming important subset of mathematical education research. It reveals about the knowledge, attributes, skills and various beliefs of the mathematic teachers along with the methods and for assessing and developing critical aspects of teachers and their impact on teaching.

This book focuses on basically three themes in the research trends of mathematics teachers that are mathematical knowledge of teacher, beliefs and identities of teachers and tools and techniques that support the learning of teachers. This book put light on the learning processes of teachers and how these processes are effective for teachers with the through careful reports of individual studies and cross study of the state of research in these areas. The included chapters highlight bedrock skills needed for working with the learners both primary and secondary and even show how the knowledge can be accessed and used in the course of mathematical teaching career. Several chapters have been included like curricular knowledge, classroom and personal mathematics. Transition in noticing, tool for mathematics for teachers to make readers understand about the crux of the studies and various facts related to mathematics teaching