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Reading for IELTS

Author By : Els Van Geyte,
Genres : 2011 English
Publisher : Collins,
ISBN-10 : 0007423276
Pages : 144
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 1, 2011
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

As each module of IELTS has equal importance for the overall bands in exam so never let even your one module to spoil your bands. If reading is putting you into sup and your highest scoring is not more than 5.5 then this book is beneficial for you to boost up your scores.

It contains 12 units that cover all the type of questions in reading module separately. This approach of this book enables you to practice all type of questions and even to recognize your strength and weakness area in these questions. It provides enough material for practices and to expertise in the module.

Reading is quite time consuming module and sometime students fail to do time management and could not solve all the questions of the reading. This book also contains some easy but effective strategies for the reading module and how to manage time in exam even helps to boost up your speed during the exam.

Mainly academic readings are hardcore for the students so this book concentrates on academic readings that are quite lengthy and tough to solve. Easy tips can make you learn how to find out keywords and how to do skimming in the reading and how to frame your answers. It you want to score more than 6 bands in reading then this book is must reading for you as along with the practices test that enables you to overcome your weak areas but tips and strategies can brush up your performance in this module.