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Raspberry Pi 2: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Author By : Nathaniel Hill,
Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform,
ISBN-10 : 1519348355
Pages : 34
Chapters :
Publish Date : November 25, 2015
File Type : Epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This beginner’ guide enables you to know about the Raspberry Pi2 world. As it is marvelous blessing of the Apple to invent credit card size single board computer in which with the access of internet HD videos and games can be played and even one can create and update spreadsheets. Even this board can be connected to TV or monitor with the standard keyboard and mouse to access.

This beginner’s guide provides guidance to the learners from scratch who wants to explore everything about raspberry Pi2 board computer. This book starts with the introduction about this device and move further with the technical specifications of this device.

It contains all the specification and updated information about the latest version that what improvements are made as compared to the original raspberry Pi and even it provides 15 easy projects that enables the learners to attempt with the your own device that can be undertaken by anyone. For the ease some useful tips and helpful hints are included which help to attempt Raspberry Pi2 device easily and with more enjoyment.