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Psychology In Modules 11th Edition Pdf

Author By : David G. Myers,
Genres : popular Psychology
Publisher : Worth Publishers,
ISBN-10 : 1464167524
Pages : 912
Chapters :
Publish Date : January 12, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Psychology in Modules is a complete psychology text that is divided in 55 chapters that are called modules. The Worth Publishers have published this edition. The modules are very easy to understand and also have some cross-references. It allows instructors to choose modules in their own way.
This module is version of Myers’ Psychology edition that categorizes the whole chapters of the book into 54 short modules. The compacted text permits students to easily understand and capture the concepts of psychology. It also gives more versatility in teaching with the help of cross-references to other related chapters that have been substituted by slight explanations.
Organizing the whole book content in modules clarifies one thing that modules make it easier to order the concepts. So, students will feel convenience in understanding and learning psychological concepts. It also makes teaching easy and cross-reference to other chapters. Myers Psychology 10th edition categorizes the entire book in 16 chapters thereafter into 54 modules.
Students get everything they require preparing for class and examination while enabling instructors to immediately set up the course, organizing the syllabus content, make presentations and lectures, assign and evaluate homework. Overall the full progress of each student is evaluated.