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Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood

Author By : Patricia Lockwood,
Genres : 2017 Biographies
Publisher : Riverhead Books,
ISBN-10 : 1346404099
Pages : 336
Chapters :
Publish Date : 02-May-2017
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

You can say that he is an awkward dad, but that is who he is. He depicts unrealistic characters, but after realizing something strange in the region, he earned himself a title of priesthood despite the fact that he has a wife and five children.

Deep in the West, ‘America’, Lockwood has a gun and loves taking a cup of tea. Upstairs in his home, he has a gun, which he cleans in his favorite time. He also has an electric guitar that he enjoys.

Approaching him wouldn’t be a major problem, but just expect to find him in his priestly robe or a transparent underwear. You can question heaven and earth about his position with such behaviours, but you will end up being perplexed

One of Lockwood’s children is Patricia Lockwood and she is totally an interesting young lady. At a teenage age, she met Jason (could be a poet) who looked superb, but his roots pose questions. Jason’s father was selfish and never focused on his children’s welfare or studies. The actual kind of life and family Patricia heads for is tasted on her wedding day. Do you know where it took place, around the corner of a compound. A proposal that happened in the blink of an eye. Jason’s family could be what we call mental and you can sympathize with the young lady

Is it a coincidence?, because all the families have issues. We recall Patricia’s mother is a genius when it comes to uttering mystical languages. You are certain that she is prophesying when you find her talking about the danger that is yet to come

In her thirties, Patricia is diagnosed with a deadly disease and looking at her own family, expenditures and requirements, she decides to move back into her parent’s home. This is against her wish since she completely hates her family’s confusion

She thinks about her childhood that was threatening, unbearable and chaotic. She has no choice, but to look at the prevailing situation. To make matters worse, Jason is diagnosed with a complicated eye disorder shattering all the family’s dreams

Bringing one of the touching stories, comparing life from all corners of the world. The comic book is written in a brilliant way collecting different poetic stories to build the gigantic and fascinating tale

Patricia Lockwood is an author described with a remarkable sense of consuming (horror-like) stories.