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Practical Web Analytics for User Experience

Author By : Michael Beasley,
Publisher : Morgan Kaufmann,
ISBN-10 : 0124046193
Pages : 256
Chapters :
Publish Date : August 27, 2013
File Type : Epub, PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book enables you to have the practical information about the web analytics. Readers may grasp about the basics of the web analytics that how these tools work , how to use them ,different ways for know about the users , to allocate them the path to reach your site , what they can do on the site and the integration of the web analytics with the user experience practicing.

For the optimization and understanding if the web usage it is required to measure, collect, analyze and to report the web data under the web analytics. The text of the book has been organized to fetch traffic, click path and content use analysis which will improve the adaptability of your website.

Even information about the tools to measure the effectiveness of the designs including the A/B testing and buiding the profiles on the basis of search habits of the users along with the usability test findings and reporting have been discussed in detail.