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Practical PHP and MySQL Website Databases: A Simplified Approach

Author By : Adrian W. West,
Publisher : Apress,
ISBN-10 : 1430260769
Pages : 448
Chapters :
Publish Date : December 11, 2013
File Type : Epub, Mobi
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This project oriented book emphasizes on practical PHP and MySQL website databases. It provides guidance about how to build interactive and database driven websites. Readers may learn in-depth about building their own websites.

Webmasters may learn about downloading off the free development and test platform, how to secure the websites, creating blogs and e-commerce sites, how to create user friendly and secure interfaces and even about how to migrate a site to a remote host.

The book has been divided into 13 informative chapters that make you understand about  creating and testing MySQL database and table, creating interactive web pages, setting up the logins for the users of your site, how to expand and enrich your website, How to create secure and valid website, baking up of your website and its migration to remote host.

Later chapters enable you to learn about creating the product catalog, creating message brand even about the overview of E- commerce and troubleshooting your database driven website. Each project included in the book is illustrated that make you understand about building your own website.