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Pharmacology for Dentistry

Author By : Surender Singh,
Genres : 2007 Medical
Publisher : New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers,
ISBN-10 : 8122420842
Pages : 501
Chapters :
Publish Date : December 1, 2007
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This book has been published by keeping in mind the recent changes in the pharmacology for the various health disciplines. It covers the syllabus for the graduate students as per the Dental Council of India.

It is basically about the study of drugs used to treat conditions of the oral cavity including the antibiotics, analgesics, anti inflammatory and anti periodontitis agents. Being the study of drugs it includes the study of drug action which exerts a biochemical and physiological effects.

This book has been divided into three informative sections and further into various chapters which cover the relevant topics of dentistry drugs. These are drug actions on Central nervous system and on the part of the peripheral nervous system that is ANS including the action on cardiovascular and urinary system. In the later chapters there is detail explanation about the Autacoids, drugs acting on blood and GIT.

Even some new concepts like action of drugs on the Endocrine system, chemotherapy, vitamins and trace elements are included in details .the book ends with the explanation about chelating agents and poisoning treatments along with the dental pharmacology.

Main features of this edition are that there is detail information for the prototype drugs and the coverage of background information about the physiological and pathological processes along with disease manifestations.