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Oxford Textbook of Clinical Nephrology, 4th Edition

Author By : Neil Turner and David Goldsmith,
Genres : 2015 Medical
Publisher : Oxford University Press,
ISBN-10 : 0199592543
Pages : 3040
Chapters :
Publish Date : December 22, 2015
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

This 4th edition can be used as important resource for practicing clinician in Nephrology. This textbook is written by global faculty of experts that puts light on clinical nephrology and the coverage is practical, scholarly and evidence based that enables the learners to grasp the facts quickly and correctly.

It is authoritative and comprehensive reference book that includes the combination of clinical aspects of renal disease that is essential for practice and extensive information about the basic science that works behind along with the evidences.

The online edition of the book makes it friendlier as it is fully searchable and easy to access for the users. It has been revised with the hundreds of images and pdf downloads. Even it contains the specific sections for the rare clinical problem that make students easy to understand. It has been framed with the contributions of more than 500 experts to cover the all aspects of nephrology.