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One with You: Crossfire 05 by Sylvia Day Audio Book

Author By : Sylvia Day,
Genres : 2016 Audio Books
Publisher : Brilliance Audio,
ISBN-10 : 148056818X
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 5, 2016
File Type : MP3
Language : English
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Quick Overview

One with you is the book that really insists you to get engage into it. This is the love story of Gideon and Eva. They both fall in love with each other instantly and desperately.

Their intimate love for each other adds spice to the reading as their deep love took the ground and they both get married with each other. Their marriage was really like dream come true for them and afterwards their life took various turns.

This book highlights the ups and downs of their love life that became turning points for them. With the passage of time they become closer to each other both reflect each other’s image into them. They both become limpid for each other and walk shoulder to shoulder and cross the journey of life with courage of love between them.

But soon they realized that their commitment was just the beginning and the destination was so far.

One with you is the seductive poignant ending of the crossfire saga and got success in engaging readers for this intense unconditional love story.