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Nonfiction Reading Practice, Grade 4

Author By : Kathleen McFarren,
Genres : 2003 English
Publisher : Evan-Moor Educational Publishers,
ISBN-10 : 1557999430
Pages : 176
Chapters :
Publish Date : June 1, 2003
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is interesting and engaging book for the readers to learn about common things in interesting and effective way. This book has been divided in five disciplines that includes 20 topics in total and provide depth information about each.

In the section of social science readers can grasp about United state Congress, Lewis and Clark, civil war ,Mount Rushmore and even the most interesting floating continents. Further it proceed to science section in which children can learn about Electricity, heredity, internet,  Marie Curie and even how to measure weather interestingly.

Even text has been included for health and safety in which readers may have dip for teeth, seat belts and so on. How mathematics can be applied to our daily life and about structural engineers, probability and owing business can be read in this book. last section includes art related topics like Ludwig van Beethoven, acting ,drawing etc.

Salient features of the book are that each unit contains teacher resource page that is helpful to have introduction of topic and vocabulary for each. Each topic contains three articles on different reading level and even worksheets. For better understanding Visual aid has been used that presents topic graphically to class.