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Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer #2) by Laini Taylor

Author By : ,
Genres : 2018 Genral
Publisher : Little, ,
ISBN-10 : 0316341711
Pages : 514 pages
Chapters :
Publish Date : October 2nd 2018
File Type : PDF, epub
Language : English
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Quick Overview

All parents whose kids have been fans of Strange The Dreamer must know that Mus of Nightmares is the book in continuation with Strange the dreamer. It is the best read for kids going to senior level. The hurt that a rape victim has to go through along with assassination is the main theme of Muse of nightmares, some of the characters are so overpowered by the fear that they get into doing cruel violence. They wish to damage the whole town and crew of soldiers with a crowd of supernatural powers. A scene of bloodshed shows two people spiked again and again. Characters are put in prison and left to die. Many pushed into the water to drown and die, one of them who is very much in sorrow jumps to death. One of the woman remembers being beaten and harshly cursed by her granny and then sold off to a man much older his age, by none other than her own father, when she was not more than a teenager. This story began less than 20 years ago, but long before eth storey started girls were being abused, in all forms. The main characters sleep nude in bed, along with touch and talk of foreplay or are crony in bed and dreams. The intimacy of older characters is not described so well. Sarai, who is the main person in the book helps others come out of distress.