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Murder Games by James Patterson

Author By : James Patterson,
Genres : 2017 Fiction Other
Publisher : Little, Brown and Company,
ISBN-10 : 0316273961
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : 26-06-17
File Type : PDF
Language :
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Quick Overview

The city of Manhattan begins a thriller era when a serial killer embarks on his dangerous moves. The murderer is unknown, but the only evidence left at every crime scene is a playing card believed to be pointing at the next victim. The recent crime scene is found to hold more important evidence than just a card as Dr. Dylan Reinhart’s book is found at the crime scene.

AS the murders escalate, the NYPD is forced to call in Elizabeth Needham, a beautiful lady officer to help out. She heads straight out to the professor, Dr. Dylan Reinhart whose book had been found at the crime scene. Elizabeth and Dr. Dylan Reinhart join efforts to bring the murderer to justice only identified as the dealer. It is a wonderful collaboration of James Patterson and Howard Roughan. The thriller book can be got online and just perfect for the summer