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Moby-Dick Novel by Herman Melville

Genres : Andrew Delbanco
Publisher : Penguin Classics,
ISBN-10 : 0142437247
Pages :
Chapters :
Publish Date : February 21st 2003
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Quick Overview

Time has witnessed the infinite battles between the beasts and the humans. While some conquests are just a figment of the imagination, some are indeed true. Moby Dick is one of the timeless American classics which is a part of the curriculum in English in many schools. Though Herman didn’t enjoy much adulation in his lifetime, Moby Dick is hailed as a real classic. The story revolves around Captain Ahab who is obsessed with the thought of locating Moby Dick and bringing it to book.

Moby Dick is the whale beast who is responsible for the captain’s handicapped situation. . Now, with revenge on his mind, he marches ahead with the sailor Ishmael. When the captain learns that his son has also gone missing after an encounter with Moby Dick, his fury for revenge explodes and he seems more determined than ever to seek revenge. But destiny has other plans and all except Ishmael perish in the fierce battle that ensues. Tragedy strikes the whole crew of the ship except Ishmael. Ishmael too escapes a watery grave narrowly as he is rescued by another whaling ship, Rachael. Revenge, after all, proves to be hollow.