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Mind Maps: How to Improve Memory, Write Smarter, Plan Better

Author By : John S. Rhodes,
Genres : 2013 Education
Publisher : JJ Fast Publishing,
ISBN-10 : B00CAZU288
Pages : 82
Chapters :
Publish Date : April 9, 2013
File Type : Epub, Mobi, Pdf, azw3
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Mind maps provide the information about how to sharp and improve your memory. It provides guidance that how you can write smartly, better planning, thinking fast  and even about making more money.

This book contains the information regarding the 5 simple steps that can boost up your speed for learning and how with the help of simple mind map you can improve your memory. Most of the people suffer from the problem of delaying their work which is call procrastination due to which they get distracted from their goals and works this book provides the easy ways through which one can kill procrastination so that full concentration can be given to work.

Even readers can know that why even great minds like Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein used the mind maps for learning.

With the help of this book you may learn to think out of the box and can know how completed mind maps are more useful than the mind mapping. Even you can tap into the way of natural thinking of mind by using the mind maps. These maps are beneficial for the students, authors and teachers, professionals who want to alter their ways of learning, planning and thinking