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Microcontroller Programming: The Microchip PIC

Author By : Julio Sanchez,
Publisher : CRC Press,
ISBN-10 : 0849371899
Pages : 824
Chapters :
Publish Date : December 19, 2006
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

Microcontrollers are indispensible part of the cell phones, remote controls of TV to the engines of automobiles and spacecrafts. Programming for these prolific is different and much more complex than the microprocessors so the programmers for these must be efficient on application development, system programming, input output operations along with the memory management and system timing.

Text of book has been organized in 16chapters that starts with the explanation of basic electronics and then move further step by step deep into the field. Readers may grasp about the number systems, data types and storage, digital logic, arithmetic and conversions, circuit and logic gates, components of the circuit and then detail information about the Microchip PIC.

It contains discussions about the mid range PIC architecture and programming including tools and techniques. Author has also put focus on the interrupts for microcontroller programming, timers and counters, LCD interfacing and programming with the communications. Last two chapters reveal about Data EEPROM Programming and Analog to Digital and Real-time Clocks

This book contains the proper integration of the theoretical and practical guidance for the students that enables them to be masters in the programming of microcontrollers.