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Microbiology (Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Series)

Author By : Richard A. Harvey PhD and Cynthia Nau Cornelissen Ph.D.,
Genres : 2012 Medical
Publisher : LWW,
ISBN-10 : 1608317331
Pages : 448
Chapters :
Publish Date : October 12, 2012
File Type : PDF
Language : English
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Quick Overview

It is must read book to have quick review, easier assimilation of the essential concepts of microbiology. Basically book has been organized in the five parts as the microbial world, bacteria, fungi and parasites, virus and clinical review of microbiology that make readers to understand quickly about the concepts of vibrant life.

This review series having more than 400 color illustrations along with the color coded summaries that provide the essential information at a glance with the visual explanations. Microbiology is the tough and wide field to study but the pictures, concise descriptions and parallel structure of each chapter enable you to understand the concepts easily.

Included case studies and questions to support make it more informative and relevant for quick reference

Even the online version of the book is free with the purchase of text that enables to study online with the interactive question bank for practice and even this online version is fully searchable to jump to the specific chapter or topic. This book has been made easy to read and understand for easy and quick access to the overwhelming concepts of microbiology.